Private Equity & Real Estate advisory services






SAGICAP provides advisory services to Private Equity & Real Estate investors, investment managers and service providers in the fields of :

- Fund / company set-up and structuring;

- Fund administration and corporate services;

- Transaction structuring and monitoring;

- Valuation;

- Performance calculation / allocation;

- Transaction closing;

- Liquidation.




SAGICAP proposes the services of seasoned professionals to serve as managers / directors of investment funds / companies.


Thanks to the diversified spectrum of their business expertises, SAGICAP Partners can also serve as managers / directors of commercial / industrial companies.


Professional training


SAGICAP offers a wide range of Private Equity & Real Estate training courses covering:

- Fund set-up & structuring;

- Fund monitoring;

- Fund processes;

- Investment structuring and valuation;

- Transaction monitoring;

- Performance structuring / calculation / allocation.


SAGICAP also proposes in-house workshops specifically designed on the basis of clients’ needs and proprietary material.